Are the post-Vatican II claimants to the Papacy true popes? (2009) – Playlist
September 11, 2009
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A fast-moving, interactive, back and forth format.. Anyone who honestly listens to this debate can see that one side has the Catholic position while the other side does not and has no answer to the facts.

William Albrecht (also known as Gnrhead) is an apologist who works with a number of mainstream, “conservative” apologetics organizations within the Vatican II Church.  He also works with one well-known, semi-“traditionalist” apologetics organization that has a wide outreach.  He has been promoted and endorsed by Steve Ray.  He has also engaged in many debates with Protestants, including Protestant apologists from some of the largest Protestant groups in the country (e.g., a.o.m.).

Albrecht said that he thoroughly studied our information and material.  He claimed to have read our huge book, The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II, four times.  He did a series attempting to refute our arguments for the sedevacantist position and our position against the New Mass.  He also claimed that he could refute every single argument we make.  He challenged us to a debate.

This debate is very interesting.  It covers many different areas.  It’s interesting how when you debate different people many different things come up.  This debate gets even more interesting as it goes along.  Part 2 might be the most interesting.  There is also a rapid-fire, 2 minutes back and forth format that we agreed to adopt after about the first hour.

In this debate we see that one side is clearly Catholic and accepts Church teaching while the other side does not.  We see, once again, that the other side has no answer whatsoever to the facts and truth presented.