New Mass Debate – Is It Valid? (2010) – Playlist
January 30, 2010 - English Channel

This is a debate on the New Mass (the Novus Ordo) between Bro. Peter Dimond and William Albrecht (gnrhead).  The debate covers whether the New Mass is valid and Catholic. Dimond argues no and Albrecht argues yes.  This is an interesting, fast-moving and intense debate on what the Catholic Church teaches on this important issue, and it concerns the Church since Vatican II.

The two videos after the debate (videos 17 and 18 in this playlist) cover a brief discussion of some of the important things we saw in the debate on the New Mass between Bro. Peter Dimond and William Albrecht (gnrhead), including some of Albrecht’s outrageously dishonest and false statements.

Video number 19 in the playlist covers an article called “William Albrecht, a proven liar and fraud – and some thoughts on the New Mass Debate” which can be found here:  This article exposes the absolutely shocking and appalling dishonesty of William Albrecht in the New Mass debate with Bro. Peter Dimond, and it pins down his fabrication of a quote from St. Jerome and more. It also covers certain key points and quotes on the New Mass issue.

The last video (20) called “William Albrecht proves he lied about St. Jerome, and other things”.

The audio version includes the post-debate commentary as a single mp3 file.

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Download AudioFile size: 181.18 MB —Duration: 3:18:20


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