Taylor Marshall & Jimmy Akin – False Teachers
September 12, 2020
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This is an interesting video that exposes the false teachers Taylor Marshall and Jimmy Akin.  In 2018 we posted a video that exposes a variety of Akin’s horrible heresies on false ecumenism and other issues: (Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed).  This new video on Marshall and Akin examines the spectrum of false teachers the Devil has raised up to keep people in the Vatican II Sect, the end-times Counter Church.  The Devil is working furiously to keep people in the Counter Church and to attack true Catholics who expose it.  Taylor Marshall, who wasn’t even criticizing the apostasy in Rome about five years ago, has in the past three years skyrocketed to prominence among the false traditionalists.  When he began to criticize the antipopes, we truly hoped that he’d come around to the full truth.  But no, he didn’t.  He is a false teacher and of bad will.  His obstinate adherence to the false traditionalist positions demonstrates that he was raised to prominence by the Devil.  He has been used as a fresh new voice to keep people in the Vatican II Sect when so many people are on the verge of recognizing that it’s not Catholic and that Francis is an apostate antipope.


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