Debate On Whether Benedict XVI Approves Jewish Reading Of The Bible
July 4, 2011
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A man called up and left a message declaring that he was going to be writing a negative article about our DVD, The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI. He claims that one of our quotes in The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI DVD was taken out of context. The quote under discussion comes from the publication, The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible. To follow along with the quote we discuss, go here:

After we received John L.'s message, that he was going to be writing a negative article about our DVD, we contacted him and debated the issue. Note: the debate focused on only one quote on this matter, even though there is much more evidence to prove the point. Typical of heretics, John L. refused to hear any of the other evidence. It didn't matter. His claims are refuted, and in attempting to defend the heretical quote under discussion, he winds up defending apostasy. This debate is a good example of how the claim of heretics, that the heretical quotes from Benedict XVI are taken "out of context," is nothing more than a dishonest smokescreen. The exchange also exposes the extreme bad will of the defenders of Benedict XVI. After his false accusations are refuted, and some of Benedict XVI's other heresies are brought up (such as Benedict XVI's denial of Vatican I), John L. promptly hangs up.


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