Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy
June 20, 2013
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This video discusses and exposes an important passage in Vatican II. A careful examination of the passage uncovers many new points about Vatican II’s striking contradiction of Catholic truth on a fundamental dogmatic issue of faith: the Church. The information in this video actually holds such doctrinal significance that, even considered by itself, it serves to devastate the entire Vatican II sect and everyone who would maintain, in the face of these facts, that people adhering to this council (and thus this horrible heresy) can be Catholics and/or popes.

The issue under discussion concerns Catholic teaching on the very nature of the Church Christ established, and who can be part of it. For decades people have debated ad nauseam about the meaning of Vatican II’s use of ‘subsists.’ Countless pages have been written about whether Vatican II’s expressions on the Church and non-Catholic communities are simply:

  1. misunderstood/misused by the proponents of novelty or
  2. merely ambiguous but not clearly erroneous or heretical or
  3. demonstrably opposed to established Catholic teaching.

As this video proves, no such discussions about the meaning of ‘subsists’ are necessary: Vatican II’s monumental heresy on the Church – a huge heresy which manifests itself every single day in the Vatican II sect – can be exposed in a much more direct and irrefutable way. These facts cut through and refute all attempts to salvage Vatican II or its teaching on the Church. The facts prove that all those who accept Vatican II (or obstinately profess communion with those who do) have placed themselves in bold opposition to dogmatic Catholic teaching and the revelation of Christ Himself. To this day a vast multitude of alleged ‘Catholic’ laymen, ‘bishops,’ ‘priests,’ teachers, ‘apologists,’ and even many so-called ‘traditionalists’ will vigorously (and confidently) assert that Vatican II contained no heresy, doctrinal error or contradiction of Catholic dogma whatsoever. These facts (among others) show just how deceived they are.


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