Ted Kennedy’s Funeral Proves Benedict XVI Is Pro-Abortion
September 6, 2009
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vaticancatholic.com - English Channel

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See the striking clips which prove it.  This video shows why those who accept Benedict XVI are not pro-life, but pro-abortion.  By examining what his “Church” just did for Ted Kennedy, it proves that Benedict XVI is pro-abortion.  Ted Kennedy was vigorously pro-abortion.  He was even in favor of partial-birth abortion. He also supported gay “marriage.” He even voted against the Defense of Marriage Act.  He also wanted to expand “hate crimes” legislation to include special privileges for homosexuals. Benedict XVI and his Vatican II Church officially consider Ted Kennedy to have been a Catholic and the servant of Christ.  They consider him saved and to be one who will live forever with Christ. This video demonstrates that all those who do not condemn Benedict XVI as a heretic are pro-abortion.  It proves that Benedict XVI is not the pope, but a heretical antipope.