Debate: Do “Baptism Of Desire” Traditionalist Priests Believe Souls Can Be Saved In False Religions?
June 29, 2013
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This is a revealing new debate with a defender of ‘baptism of desire’. This individual has spent time studying the issue of ‘baptism of desire’ and related matters, as well as our arguments against it. This particular debate (and we plan on having others) was limited to the precise matter of whether the sedevacantist/traditionalist priests he regards as Catholic do in fact believe that souls can be saved in false religions.

People familiar with our material know that we have repeatedly pointed out (and demonstrated) that the ‘traditionalist’ and sedevacantist priests who accept ‘baptism of desire’ and ‘invincible ignorance’ hold the heresy that souls can be saved in false religions, without the Catholic faith, as non-Catholics, etc. He has claimed that our assertion on that point is FALSE: that they do not believe souls can be saved in non-Catholic religions. Thus, we debated the matter. While our opponent in the debate frankly lies and contradicts himself basically from beginning to end (and thus the entire debate is interesting and revealing), the section from approximately the 28-minute mark to the 42-minute mark is particularly important. Therein we discuss an atheist who denies the existence of God, rejects the Catholic faith, etc. When questioned this individual contradicts himself repeatedly about whether that atheist could internally be in a state before God that is not the state of damnation.

It’s also worth noting that an individual such as this, who clearly (as the debate proves) accepts the heresy that souls can be saved in false religions, yet dishonestly denies that he does and denies that the priests he regards as Catholics do (while sometimes admitting the contrary, as we will see), is actually more dishonest than even many of the sedevacantist priests who believe souls can be saved in false religions. For, as the quotes in the debate (and other quotes we’ve covered) show, many of those priests sometimes openly acknowledge their true position: that they do believe that souls in false religions, who die ignorant of Christ, etc. can be saved, while this man accepts that heresy but claims he does not and also denies that the aforementioned priests believe it.

The audio also includes Brother Peter’s post-debate commentary covered from this video: The “Saved At Death” Heresy