The Heresies Of Benedict XVI
August 5, 2014 - English Channel

This video is a must-see for all who want to know what has happened since Vatican II and the truth about the Church in our time. The heresies of Benedict XVI covered in this video are absolutely incredible. It’s amazing that Benedict XVI said some of the things that he did. This video is essentially a theological summary of the Vatican II apostasy. Our video on the heresies of Benedict XVI was originally released approximately eight years ago, before Benedict XVI gave his permission for the Latin Mass and before he held Assisi III. Even if you saw the original version of the video, this new edition of the video is a must-see.

In this video it’s mentioned that the heresies of Benedict XVI exposed in the video are from research of many of his speeches (i.e., all of those he gave as antipope) and 24 of his books. 24 books was the number of Benedict XVI’s books read at that time; the current number is 30.

What makes this video additionally important and revealing is the fact that most false traditionalists who don’t completely reject the Vatican II antipopes and the diocesan structure under them think that Benedict XVI was a “good pope”! They think: Francis bad; Benedict XVI good or even great! For example, very recently one false traditionalist named Michael Matt referred to the “glorious seven years of Benedict XVI’s reign”! A Fraternity of St. Peter “priest” also recently referred to Benedict XVI as “holy”, “without doubt a great pope”, “a wonderful pastor”, and a possible candidate for “canonization”! This video blows away that demonic lie. In the process it proves that those who do not completely reject the antipopes and the Vatican II sect remain in utter darkness.

This is one of the most important and revealing videos we’ve produced on the Vatican II apostasy.

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