Remnant TV And Robert Siscoe Refuted And Exposed On Sedevacantism
May 29, 2014
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This is video contains many points that have not been covered before on a topic that’s central to the concerns of all who consider themselves traditional or conservative ‘Catholics’ in our day. Revealing facts are covered throughout this video. Thus, it’s important for people who want to know and understand the truth on this matter to watch the entire video. For example, some of the most significant points come in the final 40 minutes of the video.

The facts covered in this video prove without any doubt that the false traditionalists have greatly erred in adhering to the heretical antipopes of the Vatican II sect. They have deceived many with their errors, false arguments and distortions of Catholic truth. The disastrous consequence of their false position, and their false arguments, is that they and many others remain in obedience to heretics who lead them to perdition.

What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on heresy? How does one become a heretic? Can Catholics recognize and reject people as heretics? Those issues and many others are covered in this video.


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