Is The World About To End?
October 23, 2014 - English Channel

This is a must-see video on the Apocalypse. It covers the beast of the Apocalypse, the seven kings, the mark of the beast, the Whore of Babylon, the Antichrist, and much more.

The most significant addition to the video is of course that it includes our recent video: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned. But there are numerous other changes and additions as well. For example, this version incorporates the extremely important point that’s covered in Francis and the Seven Kings of the Apocalypse. That point concerns Francis’ stunning use of an Argentinian passport, and his rejection of the passport reserved for heads of the Vatican City State. That fact is another striking proof of what we originally covered in the first version of Is the World about to End?, i.e. that Francis is not one of the kings, and that the seven kings were indeed Pius XI through Benedict XVI. In fact, since the identification of the seven Roman kings is inextricably bound to the identification of the Antichrist and the Beast out of the Sea – e.g., the Antichrist is necessarily one of the seven kings: the one who is wounded and has his image honored – the passport point by itself constitutes striking proof that what we have covered about the Beast, the Antichrist, etc. is absolutely correct. People will see it in the 2nd edition of Is the World about to End?, along with many other points on the seven kings matter. The 2nd edition also contains new points and short sections on Ali Agca’s shooting of John Paul II; how the 3D ‘canonization’ of John Paul II perfectly corresponds to Apocalypse 13:15; Benedict XVI’s role in telling the world to make an image for the beast (the one who was wounded), which was fulfilled in the ‘beatification’ (which he declared) and the ‘canonization’ (which he fast-tracked and made possible); and other things. With these updates, and the inclusion of the aforementioned video in this edition, all the main points can be found in one YouTube video. (By the way, there are other interesting points which we might add in the future as well.)

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