November 13, 2009 - English Channel

Sadness is feeling the emptiness and pointlessness of something of life, but of not being able to identify the reason why.  Sadness is expectation not fulfilled, it is a goal not realized.  Sadness is the thought of never seen someone again…

Most men are plagued by sadness in one way or another, but they temporarily distracted each day.  They do so by continuously playing music so that they never have a moment to think or reflect on what’s important and what will endure.  They perceive this sadness but they usually cannot identify what it is, it’s cause or even that it is sadness.  For them it might just be a pointless emptiness that they perceive in some of the things that they do. They push it aside by going from here to there at all times, by busying themselves and always gabbing with a friend, or always having an appointment, to avoid even a moment of quiet reflection on their life and its real purpose.

Despite their best efforts to ignore it, they are plagued by sadness.  They are plagued by an acute but subtle sense of emptiness.  This is because man was created for God.

Since man was created for God, he or she can only be satisfied in Him.

Riches, earthly delights, sensual pleasures can and will never bring man to true happiness. Some of the richest people still play the lottery. Those who indulge in debauchery and sensual pleasures, always want more.

Real clinical depression as opposed to a sober and serious reflection on sad events is, without any doubt, a result of sloth.  In other words, true depression results from spiritual laziness.

Depression is without any doubt a burdened conscience.  A depressed person is someone who knows that he should be doing more to serve and please God. He knows that he should be doing more spiritually, but he is afraid to put out the effort.

The truth is that it’s not that hard if one makes a beginning and when one does, one can completely dissipate sadness by the true faith and the joy, meaning, and real purpose of life.

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