The Real History Of “Orthodoxy”
April 12, 2021
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This video covers many new things, including:

  • How the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ sects are comparable to the rebel Kingdom of Samaria, which was sent into perpetual captivity for rebellion against God
  • More proof that the Council of Florence was an ecumenical council accepted by the Eastern Churches
  • A very interesting new quote from St. Robert Bellarmine
  • A refutation of one Eastern ‘Orthodox’ fraud’s straw man argument
  • How the history and captivity of the E. ‘Orthodox’ after Florence, when compared with the successful evangelism of the Catholic Church, shows that God’s verdict was in favor of the Catholics
  • The revealing history and captivity of the Russian ‘Orthodox’ Sect
  • The illogical and contradictory ecclesiology of the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ sects
  • How a famous Russian philosopher made a striking true prediction about a future schism between Greek and Russian ‘Orthodoxy’
  • How Mt. 18, considered in conjunction with Mt. 16, further proves the Papacy
  • The appalling position of the Russian ‘Orthodox’ sect on divorce and ‘remarriage’
  • The false ecumenism of the ‘Orthodox’ sects
  • And more.