Doctor shows how the “COVID-19 vaccine” damages vital organs in the body – see the shocking evidence
August 25, 2021
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So, who is this random doctor on stage?  I’m Doctor Ryan Cole.  I’m a Mayo Clinic-trained, Board Certified anatomic pathologist, clinical pathologist, dermatopathologist – way too many years of school. 

Also did some PHD research in immunology.  So immunology, virology is right up my alley.  So, if you want mechanisms of action, and how things work, and what-not – go ahead and pick my brain. 

Anyway, so what about the vaccine?  What about deaths?  You know Dr. Urso had alluded to that.  That we have some concerns about these high numbers.  What’s going on? 

We see the headlines, like Dr. Merritt mentioned.  Thirteen-year-old, 3 days after a shot:  dies!  Fifteen-year old dies of a heart attack.  Ten children so far in the VAERS Reports (probably more now):  death after heart attacks.  Thirty-nine-year-old mom of three:  death after the shots.  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.  So we see the headlines. 

So here’s the question.  One would think in this era of a new virus, and a new experimental, uh – I don’t even like calling it a vaccine.  An investigational vaccine.  A fake vaccine.  OK.  Clot shot.  Needle rape.  Whatever you want to call it. 

Ok.  So going to the various data.  11,000 deaths?  12,000 deaths?   45,000 deaths?  In the literature so far – about a month ago – first post-vaccine autopsy!  Out of 11,000 deaths?  Are you kidding me?  Is this science anymore?

NO!  No.  Medical technocracy.  FEAR-SUFFERING-SHOT.  FEAR-SUFFERING-SHOT.  That’s all you’re supposed to have.  Listen to us and that’s all you get! 


So, how can we do science if we are not LOOKING?  One can not find that for which they do not look!

Where is the funding?  And the independent pathologist?  You know, I do a lot of biopsies, cancer diagnostics and what not.  We never complain about getting too much tissue.  Well, when you get the autopsy – you get all the tissue.  And guess what:  you find all the answers, too.

But if we’re not looking – we’re not going to find it.  And if they’re saying:  “Oh, don’t autopsy that.  It wasn’t the vaccine.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.  Don’t look here.

So, how else are we going to know?  Where is the funding?  Autopsies are expensive.  Yes.  But if we have billions to advertise a clot shot to children that don’t need it:  Dr. Fauci, where’s the funding for science? 

Okay.  When an unapproved new drug, therapy vaccine is put onto the market, well – you need to use the French legal system:  Guilty until proven innocent!

So, if there’s an adverse reaction – if there’s a death:  It happened from that therapy until you prove that it didn’t.  And we’re doing the look the other way. Look the other way.  Follow the money.

Who is behind this?  I don’t know?  I’m not going to conspiracy theory anything.  I’m not going to be political.  But I’m saying:  If you want the data, then you need to use that French legal system and say:  this is guilty until we prove it didn’t happen from something else. 

And we are doing just the opposite right now.

Okay.  What about the spike protein?  We’re giving a sequence – a gene sequence – into the bodies of human beings.  And this sequence goes into our deltoid where (we’re informed) it has a little anchoring protein.  And once that is translated, and makes a little protein and it’s on the surface of you sell and stays there.  Well – guess what?  It doesn’t.

And there are studies.  (And of course the fact-checkers will say:  “This isn’t true.  This isn’t true.”

I’m a scientist.  Don’t ask the journalist.  Ask the scientist.  Okay?

So this spike protein doesn’t stay just in the deltoid.  The spike circulates in your blood.  It lands in multiple organs in the body.  And you know what happens?  That spike protein – without the body of the virus present…  We did studies in lab animals.  In the lab animals – just injecting the spike with no body of the virus – the spike induced the same diseases covid 19 induced!  The same lung disease.  The same vascular disease.  The same heart disease.  The same brain disease.

The spike is the toxin!  So again:  why are we injecting something into the human body that IS the toxin?  It IS the toxin.  It causes the disease. 

This isn’t a vaccine.  We know that, with this virus everybody’s heard of the ACE-2 receptor.  Here’s an example

So, on the left hand side, this is one of the cells that lines your blood vessels.  I’ll show you a chart in a minute where we have ACE2 receptors.  So, on the left hand side, you see kind of in the corner of that upper grid, and in the bottom grid, these nice smooth lines.

On the right hand side:  this is what the spike protein – just the spike alone – from the vaccine is doing to the mitochondria of your cells.  That’s the engine of your cells.  That’s what gives you energy.  The power of your cells. 

Compare the left (the smooth, nice, put-together).  Compare the right – blown apart.  Fragmented.  THAT’S FROM THE VACCINE.  NOT FROM THE VIRUS.  FROM THE VACCINE. 

Okay.  So here’s the human body.  You can see the plethora of cites where we have ACE-2 receptors. 

Now, think about it. 

I mentioned they tell us:  “Oh, gosh, the spike stays in your deltoid.”  It doesn’t.  It circulates.  

In the Harvard Study, in 13 nurses, they showed it circulating for at least two weeks.  A lot of people lack something called MRNA’s – an enzyme that breaks down the RNA – so it may be circulating for even longer.

Now you hear, “Oh, gosh, they died just so long after the shot.  It was two weeks, three weeks.”  Hank Aaron, whoever.  You know what, that spike is circulating.

They tried to pull the wool over our eyes and say, “Oh, it couldn’t have been the shot.  We’re too far out.”


Damage to the lungs like I mentioned.  On the left hand side:  healthy lung tissue.  Nice, spaced out.  This is what we pathologists do;  we look at these cells all day long.  It’s kind of fun.  We’re nerds this way. 

On the right hand side, see how much more purple and blue that is?  That’s all inflammation.  Why?  ACE-2 Receptors in that lung.  Spike binding to it.  And inflammatory response.  Immune system attacking your own body.  Disease from the spike.  Disease from your own clot shot!

Investigational Vaccine?  They keep lying to the American public by calling it a vaccine. 

They keep taking the word “investigational” off.  It’s what they call it in the emergency authorization.  THEY KEEP NOT CALLING IT WHAT IT IS:

Investigational.  An experiment on humanity.  And that’s what they’re doing.  And I’m showing you why.

Spike is a toxin.  It crosses the blood-brain barrier.  I kind of like my brain cells to be where they are.  And not be blown apart.  Right?

So, why in the world would we put a toxin into the human body that’s going to disrupt the blood vessels in your brain,  allow the spike in there.  It will cause inflammation.  The brain fog you hear about from the covid patients?  Guess what?  You hear about it in the post-vaccinated damaged individuals as well. 

But no – “nobody’s hurt by the shot.”  “There’s not been one death.”  “There’s not been one injury.”  That’s what they tell you.  IT’S A LIE! 

And this is science.  Okay.  Here we go.  All the blue on top.  Those are brain cells.  All the blue doesn’t belong there.  That’s inflammation.  From the Spike!

What about the kiddos?  Heart inflammation.  Guess what!  Lots of ACE-2 receptors in the heart.

And here you can see.  On the left hand side:  see those blue arrows around the white?  That’s inflammation in the heart.  That’s not normal.  That’s after a shot.  That’s a spike protein landing there.  That’s your immune system attacking your own tissues. 

See on the right.  That’s the red arrows.  That’s the pericardium – the sac that surrounds your heart.  That’s inflammation.  That doesn’t belong there. 

Once you have heart damage, the heart does not heal itself. 

Okay.  On the left hand side.  See all the blue dots?  Inflammation.  See the grey in the middle?  That’s early scarring.  Guess what?  Once a heart cell is damaged, it’s damaged forever.  It doesn’t replace itself with another heart cell.  It replaces itself with a scar. 

So you tell me you want to give a twelve-year-old… a five-year-old… a thirteen-year-old… an eighteen-year-old a shot?  And we see about a 200 times increase in myocarditis in our society right now?  That’s a good idea?  Let’s give a kid a toxin and ruin his heart for life?

Stop and think about what we’re doing.  INSANITY.  We need to stop the insanity immediately.

This is over.  Game over.  This is no longer good science.  This is a poisonous attack on our population.

And it needs to stop now.

Kidney.  Same thing.  Kidneys are kind of important.  Three things in life.  Blood goes round and round.  Got to breathe.  Got to make pee.  If you don’t do those three things, you die. 

Kidney.  You want to damage your kidney with a clot shot?  Not a good idea, either. 

Liver?  Kind of need your liver to detoxify everything in your life.  Same thing.  Damage to your liver.  See all that blue?  That’s inflammation.  Doesn’t belong there. 

Testes.  Kind of important for the next generation.  Right?  As much as that looks like a lovely heart – see all the blue in it?  Inflammation!  Same thing in the ovaries. 

Here’s the problem:  Essentially absent from the literature.  What are they hiding from us?

Okay?  Japanese Bio-distribution Study.  Took some doing to find this study.  Dr. Bridle up in Canada.  Of course he was attacked for telling the truth.  The Lipid nanoparticle that surrounds the little MRNA they’re injecting into people’s bodies.  Yes, a lot of it stays in the deltoid.  But it circulates as well. 

Guess where it likes to concentrate?  A really  biologically-active organ.  The ovary.

And in the Pfizer paperwork and application, it clearly states that in the rats there was a 16 per cent decrease in fertility.  One of the most fertile little critters, mammals on the planet!  And they say: “These are not the droids you’re looking for.  Never mind.”

So what’s it doing to humanity?  Guess what?  The answer is:  WE DON’T KNOW.  Because we don’t have long-term safety data yet.  That’s the tragedy and the crime in all of this.  They are pushing it.  It’s an experiment.  It’s emergency authorized.  It’s not approved.  Humanity is the Phrase 3 Trial.

Covid’s a clotting disease, as some of my colleagues have mentioned.  After a shot we as physicians – especially with patients complaining of post-vaccine symptoms…

A d-dimer will go up when we have clots.  We can’t see these clots on x-ray or scan.  These are micro-clots.  All these inflammatory patterns that I’m showing you, are from micro-clots as well.  If we look at this in the patients, we know that they’re micro-clotting.  So this is something Dr. Noorchashm just like Dr. Urso mentioned.

A patient who has already had covid.  Covid-recovered.  Broad, beautiful immunity.  They’re lying to you to say that it’s not equal to a vaccine immunity.  I love the blue pen rainbow analogy Dr. Urso gave.  Screen before vaccine.  There’s a multiple, multifold increase risk of adverse reactions if you had covid and recovered.  You get a shot and you hyper-rev that immune system.

You may be screwed.  And-or dead.

All right. I’m going to reiterate.  One cannot find that for which they do not look!!

Billions of dollars spent on advertising of – again – a toxin into the human body.  Investigational vaccines. 

Again I will say, to our agencies, our federal government:  Where’s the funding for real science? 

They don’t want you to see what we’re seeing.  In the laboratory, I have the tissues of a dead man on the back of my desk.  I have two more coming next week.  Guess what?  Just a couple of days after a shot.  50-year old healthy triathlete.

One of my favorite surgeons in town that I work with, second shot.  Mountain biking gone. 

All right.  The other concern I already brought up:  we have no long term safety data.

This is what we need to emphasize to society -- and ask the authoritative agencies:  What’s the risk for cancer after the shot?  We don’t know. 

What’s the risk for auto-immune disease?  We don’t know.

What’s the risk for impairing fertility for a lifetime?  We don’t know.

So why in the world would we willy-nilly push forward at the pace and the rate that we’re going without knowing these things?  COMPLETE ANTI-SCIENCE.

And a complete ATTACK on us!

No more mandatory forcing of employees.  How in the world are these hospitals and these employers saying:  “You can’t work for me if you don’t sign up to be a subject in an experiment on humanity.”

Go back to the 1947 Nuremberg Code.  We’re absolutely violating this as a nation and a people. 

Where are the billions to do the autopsies?  Where are the billions to prove the science?

Where are the autopsies, I will go back.  Crickets.  They’re not there.   

Dismissal by the collusive media of any adverse events or death.  That’s a problem.

And what happened to the concept of the “me too” movement?  Believe everybody.  What happened to Believe Her, Believe the Story.  What happened to Believe anyone?

Why won’t they believe the Science?  They won’t believe the Science.  They dismiss the Science.

What happened to this movement of Believe it until you can disprove it?

Gone.  Gone.

All right.  Couple of side notes.  Really critically, and I’m almost out of time.    What we’re seeing in the laboratory is:  the shots dysregulate your immune response.  We have very important cells that keep other viruses in check.  That keep cancers in check. 

There’s a type of cell called the CD8 killer T cell.   Well, there’s a study out of Germany and the Netherlands that showed a shifted immune profile.  And at the end their conclusion was:  We see a concerning pattern of the cells we normally need to fight off these other things.  But the answer is, we don’t know for how long that shifted pattern lasts. 

It’s like having 8 blockers on the front line (this is Texas, we can talk football).  Having 8 blockers on the front line and paralyzing 3 or 4 of them.  But the answer is:  we don’t know if they’re paralyzed for the rest of the game or the rest of their career. 

And then what we see from this in the laboratory is an uptick of herpes family viruses… molluscum…   human papilloma virus… all sorts of viruses…  mononucleosis, etc.  Reactivating.  Reactivating at levels – and I’m a pathologist so we see this in the laboratory, and I’m seeing the early signal.

Well, guess what else that CD8 cell does?  (And some receptors on some of these T-cells.  Toll like receptors and there’s a certain pattern of them.)  They keep cancer in check.

I have seen a 10 to 20-fold increase of uterine cancer in the last six months in my laboratory.  And I keep data, year to year to year.  In the last six months.  When did we start the shots?  January.

How much solid tumor cancer increase are we going to see over the next several years?  Probably a lot.  What’s the real answer?  We don’t know.  And sometimes that’s the most honest answer in medicine.  It’s “We don’t know.”  A doctor that tells you that he or she knows everything – don’t believe him.  Find a new doctor. 


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