The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax
August 24, 2021
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Among other things covered in this important video, she mentions that they didn't build a single cemetery in 2020. They also spent less money on burial in 2020 than in 2019. Why? The answer is that "Covid" is a hoax, but vaccine injuries and deaths are very real.


Also, I want to give you a little bit of food for thought – before I dive into a little bit of research for you that I think you’re going to find a little shocking.  And when I say that, what I mean is this.  Let me give you some research I’ve done over the last nineteen months. 

What didn’t happen last year that they never talk about? 

Usually the media really kind of bypasses this subject, and they don’t mention the very things that usually pop out into the obvious.  Right?  So ask yourself this:  Why did they not build one single cemetery in the year 2020?  They didn’t.  I know.  So you get crickets when you say that because there was no cemetery added on to – no cemetery for the five hundred thousand extra dead.  Did they just pull from all the other categories and call it Covid?  Hmm…  All right.

And also, they spent less money than they did in 2019 on burial, okay?   I looked into this.  I did the research.  I’m telling you.  This is just – it’s almost astonishing when you start thinking about this, because we actually spent a million dollars less in 2020 than we did in 2019.

Also, did you ever see the casket makers on TV asking for help because they could not build enough caskets – because they couldn’t get to everything?  No.  No shortages there.  No homeless populations dying off.  No pets dying off – all of them unmasked (obviously).  Not having access to -breathing the same air as we do.

No Amazon workers dying in large numbers.  Or post office employees.  Or Walmart workers.  The only people that could – well, they were essential the whole time.  The reason I say these things is that we’re about to go into another lockdown, I’ll bet you.  And they are going to base it on this fake Delta Variant that has no symptom list.  It has absolutely no test. 

They have diagnosed the world with a Delta Variant – with absolutely no explanation at all.  Right?  And you’re supposed to believe that!  You are supposed to believe that!  I don’t believe it for a hot minute.  I know you don’t either. 

So, based on this – we do have people with pneumonia.  My other question was:  Is it legionnaires?   Legionnaires is like an extreme pneumonia. Okay?  It doesn’t have the crackling in the lungs – just all the other problems. 

And, there was an instance when swine flu came around in 1976 – when all of a sudden, legionnaires popped up at the same time.  Kind of interesting, right? 

So I’m going to talk about a little bit of research with you, and I’m going to bring you into the – Because I just saw a headline on MSN… AGAIN!  Just pulling the 1918 flu out of the cobwebs to convince you that this Covid thing is 1918 all over again.

Well, I’m going to blow a whole right through that.  And I’ve looked into the newspaper archives.  I actually went back into the archives of 1918.  I looked at the numbers.  I went into the archives of 1940.  I went back to 1976.  I went back to the swine flu.  And I looked at the numbers that were being kind of heralded on CNN and how the numbers have changed.  And I want to share this with you because I think this is so fascinating.

Do they lie?  Of course they lie.  You know this.  I know this.  Of course they do.  So I’m going to tell you exactly how they do it.  And it’s actually really easy for them to do it.  Surprisingly!  That’s what so phenomenal about this whole thing. 

We have been drug into a world-wide lie and we’re not noticing this.  We’re not seeing it.  Covid cannot be all things.  It can’t be all flu.  All colds.  All respiratory.  All pneumonia.  And when I was in the hospital with my husband -- who had pneumonia – if they would have just treated simple pneumonia, he would have been out!  Just fine, right?  And he was!  That’s what we did.  We under-treated rather than over-treated.

They have created a circus.  The CDC spends a lot of dollars.  Giving them big cushy paychecks for having people in the ICU that long.  So all I’m telling you is, look.  We have to go back into history a little bit.  Uncover the lies, so that the people can understand out there what we’re facing right now.  They’ve done it before – and now it’s on steroids!

And -- I don’t think the world is really getting it. The reason I talk so much about Covid, too, on my show – and have for nineteen months – is because you and I both know:  if they don’t see through this, what else?  WHAT’S NEXT?  What are we going to do to save this country? They’re still stuck on all of these lies, and they think that they’re selling them. 

But I want to share with you some things that I found that I think will be very beneficial for you.  There were two more things I wanted to mention that people don’t ever talk about when it comes to the whole covid narrative.  And that is:  a plague -- an airborne plague – really is when 30 to 40 of your closest friends die around you and just drop dead.  THAT is an airborne plague!  It is not when you just know somebody that is sick in the hospital.  Or you know somebody that has an issue going on.  That does not mean it’s a plague.

But people out there have been trained by the Mainstream Fake News to think that they’re in the middle of a plague all the time.  And with these nineteen months.  Nineteenth months later!  Can you believe this?  Insanity!  Ah, anyway.  I thought we’d figure it out by now but I guess not.

So, as a whole – I know you guys get it.  But as a whole.  And so, I just wanted to say that.  Just because I know somebody with cancer, it doesn’t mean everyone’s got cancer or will get it.  So, just knowing somebody is not a plague.

The other thing I wanted to mention is, in the back of the CDC protocol that they give the hospitals, they name about four different vitamins and minerals.  This is really important because there are thousands and thousands of minerals and vitamins out there, right?  But they get to the very end of this report – in the 341 pages of directive that they give the hospital.  And what’s really interesting is that they only name the four that really help in these situations, for respiratory.  Right?  That really help with inflammation.  Vitamin C, zinc and you know, you’ve got NAC, vitamin D.  They mention these things and they say, “Oh yeah, and they don’t work by the way.”

Well, I went back and did some research and back in 1948, doctors were discussing the fact that Vitamin C was actually one of the most powerful things you could give somebody with pneumonia – because it cleared up the inflammation quickly.  Right?  It really helped the body’s own immune system. 

And, by the way, we don’t have an immune system anymore, do we, according to everybody.  But we do!  We do have an immune system.  So I just wanted to say that because it’s like they only picked out the ones that would work and then they said ‘insufficient data’?  And then they say, “yeah, and don’t look here.  They don’t work.”  Ah, crickets, yeah.  They don’t work – so bypass these.  So, we have to call them on this kind of stuff.

So I went back and I know that they always pull out 1918 flu every single time they want to scare us to death and promote fear porn in this country.  Well, I started doing some homework going back into the newspaper articles, and you might find this pretty interesting.  I went back because right now – what is the narrative?  It is: “50 to 100 million people died in 1918 and we can’t have that again.”

And then I thought:  wow.  50 -100 million.  That’s a really broad number and also, where are they getting that number from?  So I started going back into the archives.  And each newspaper in the country –  they weren’t like, you know, mafia-owned back then – so each newspaper would print:  this is how many people died of influenza.  It wasn’t even front-page news.  It wasn’t!  It was like second page news.  It wasn’t like THE biggest story in the world.   Like what we do to news right now.

But what’s interesting about it was, the numbers were much different.  One state said:  in the crux of it, which is just the fall of ‘1918, in the highest point, the entire state had 7,000 deaths.  Illinois had 22,000 deaths.  Okay, they were at an all-time high in that.  And I’m not saying the deaths didn’t happen.  I’m saying the numbers have changed. 

So, back in 1918, they were saying:  oh yeah, this was really prevalent in the fall, and then it started to disappear by that winter and spring.  Well, even with 46 cities reporting and counting overseas cases, in the Buckland Herald in Missouri back in the day – back in 1918, in November --  they said we had you know 82,000 out of all of it.  So I think the numbers were much, much less. 

And what’s interesting about this is that, if you jump ahead 13 years.  Let’s go to a newspaper in 1940, 1941 (World War 2), they cited – they actually cited back – to this era to 1918 flu – and they upped the number…  Ready? To TEN MILLION.   To ten million people, okay, worldwide. 

So, I think we were actually around 200,000 deaths here in the United States (and that would be a high number.  That would be over-estimating it at 200,000.  Probably about 150,000.  But -- they said 10 million worldwide. 

Then, if you jumped to, let’s say, 1975.  In 1975 Ford is President, right?  And he was on a clip saying that the number all of a sudden, doubled TO TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE that died in the 1918 flu. 

WHAT?  Yeah, twenty million.  Wait a minute.  How did it go from pretty low numbers.  Each state reporting exact numbers – to a ten million estimate in the 1940s?  To 1975, and President Ford is on the news (or ’76) on the news with swine flu saying:  20 million people died in 1918

[President Ford:]  This  virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States, as well as 20 million deaths…]

Oh, wait a minute.  Ok.  I’m sorry.  All of a sudden, now we’re at half a million deaths in the United States?  How did that even happen?  They had exact numbers back them.  And I’m talking exact.  So how did they jump to 500,000 deaths? 

Well, Mike Levitt under Bush in 2005 wrote for Department of Health and Human Services.  He upped the number – get this – he upped the number to 38 MILLION total.  38 MILLION PEOPLE?  Wait a minute.  In 1940 it was 10 million people.  In 1975 it was 20 million people.  And now it’s 38 million? 

Do you want to know what the reason was?  The reason they gave was:  They couldn’t count back then.  I’m sorry.  They counted just fine.  Yeah.  They didn’t have Common Core math to screw it all up. 

No, they actually counted the deaths and then reported them in the individual newspapers.  Yeah.

So all of a sudden it was 38 million!  That was in 2005.

In 2010, they started promoting the number:  50 to 100 million people.  50 to 100 MILLION!  That is a large, large number.  Right?  HUGE estimation.  They still stick with the story:  They didn’t know how to count back then.

And from new data – new data a hundred years old?  What?  What? Yeah.  So it went from (in the United States) I would say about 150,000.  That would be my guesstimate after looking at numerous newspapers, okay.  About 150,000 people.  We had about 103 million people at the time.  We had about 200 -  150,000 deaths.  Let’s go with that.  Because I would say that’s pretty close to the estimate. 

Then – it went to 10 million in the 40’s.

It went to 20 million in the 70’s.

Then it went to 38 million.

And now we’re at 50 to 100 million.

Go look.  Go to some research.  All you will see is that it’s 50 to 100 million – and they never say how they got to that number.  They never disclose it.  They are lying.  They are lying  ALL THE TIME.

And you know what?  Even back when it was in the newspapers, they were saying:  Take quinine.  Take all these different remedies.  You’ll get out of this in a heartbeat.  It’s no problem.  My gosh.  But we had bad sanitation back then.  We didn’t have the things that we do now as far as, well, basic sanitation.  That’s usually why a lot of people would spread things quickly.

Can you believe the lies?  When we go back into history we’re lied to a lot.  And it’s really disconcerting.  I don’t know.  It’s mind boggling, to tell you the truth, that they get away with it.  That nobody has fact-checked.

I’ll tell you what.  There was a lot of research that I did that was really incredible.  And I’ve got the screenshots of the articles where they say all of these things.  And the numbers changed so much that it was – it was just sad to me to see that.  And I think one of the other things people don’t quite understand about 1918 or even the swine flu -- or whatever they want to come up with. 

In 1918, that was a product of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and used the military as guinea pigs.  In fact, that started at Fort Riley in Kansas.  And I think it’s kind of interesting.  Because they were giving kind of this new vaccine, right.  The meningitis vaccine.  And they had an outbreak there that started it.  And a lot of people don’t know that.  They don’t realize that.  Well, I find it kind of strange, to tell you the truth.

And then, of course, swine flu was at Fort Dix in New Jersey!  That’s where that broke out.  I mean:  why are they happening at military bases?  I don’t want to see our good guys – I come from a Navy family.  You know, my whole family, years back – always in the Navy.  And I don’t want to see anyone used this way.

And why is it that they lose all of their constitutional rights and body autonomy when they go in the military?  That’s just cannot be right.

And something’s very wrong with that.  And so when they did this – when they used them as guinea pigs – and then all of a sudden they said, “Oh, yeah, we’ve got this outbreak.”  And the outbreak came.  In fact, the CDC even says today that this started with the U S military!  They even admit it.  I think that’s kind of – well, they don’t mind saying it, do they?  They don’t mind telling us exactly what’s happening.  And that’s the scary part!

And so, when I’m looking at these case scenarios, the case scenario with the swine flu.  What a debacle that was.  They really wanted to get people that shot.  People started getting Barr Syndrome.  And they started getting really ill.  They had 450 cases of that.  They took it down off the market.

Mike Wallace actually – who’s still bought and paid for – but Mike Wallace actually did a video on this.  And they actually played it on TV, where he was interviewing the CDC Director and he said:  “You knew!  You knew the problems with this vaccine!”  And, of course, nothing.  The guy just sat there and looked at him.  Like this.  What?

So, that alone.  I just can’t believe people that saw that would ever trust the government again. 

But then we’re under this neuroses.  This crazy now we love the government.  We love the media.  Everything they say has the golden touch all of a sudden.  Isn’t that amazing?  That’s amazing to me.  What happened.  They have lied continuously.  When were they NOT using us as guinea pigs in their little experimentation that they’ve been doing?

Another thing that I like to let people know about is the big, big lie of Jacobson vs. Massachusetts.  Now one of the most interesting parts of this is, if you look this up.  People are going to cite this and they are going to say “for the greater good”.  That’s how communist revolutions start, by the way.

“For the greater good” you’ll do this for everyone else.  And you’ll sacrifice, you know, for everyone else.  Well, you should be doing that voluntarily.  Really.  But no;  this is by force, right?  It’s force for the greater good.

And so, back in the day, in 1905 this went to trial.  Because back in Massachusetts, Jacobson was offered a shot or a fine.  And the fine back then was 5 bucks.  Well, that was an excessive fine.  So it went all the way up to the Supreme Court.  He didn’t want the shot – for small pox.  And he did not want to have to pay the 5 dollars. 

Well, right now today, if you look this up, this is what it will say:  “U.S. Supreme Court upheld authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccines.”  They’re going to keep using this and using this.  And this is why I want to arm you with the truth today.

I actually read that case.  I’m that much of a nerd.

I read it.  And let me just tell you it was NOT about compulsory vaccination as much as it was about the 5 bucks.  He did not want to be forced to pay 5 dollars and have to make that choice.  So when this went to Court – to the Supreme Court – it was whether he was going to have to pay the 5 dollars or  not.

Jacobson, back in 1905, was  never vaccinated for small pox.  He refused.  HE REFUSED!

But what do they do now?  They go back and they’ve even re-written Google.  Can you imagine that!  Yeah, Google.  Government-owned Google.  Hmm.  And they go back and they change the language to say, “Yes, this is what happened and it meant compulsory vaccines.  And we did it for the greater good.  So we all didn’t come down with small pox. 

That’s a full-on lie.  Are you kidding me?  It’s a lie!

Just so you know, when anyone mentions this to you.  And I even had an attorney on for a school board that had no idea.  He had never even read it.  He just repeated what he saw on Google and said, “Oh yes, see, we can force vaccines because they did back in 1905.”

Well, folks, they’re re-writing history.  That’s what they’re doing.  You need to know that.  Because, actually, it was about the 5 dollars.  He was forced to pay.  And so that’s what that was about.  And I hope that you share that with other people, because we’ve never lost body autonomy. 

Now, the five dollars was wrong and the Supreme Court – they made an error in their opinion.  That’s just point blank, right?  So, they made an error.  But right now as history’s being re-written, in 1918 the flu now is 50 – 100 million people?  What a lie.  What a farce.  It wasn’t close to that.  It wasn’t even in the same ball park.  My gosh.

And then, in 1905 they’re re-writing the vaccine case.  Right?  The smallpox case in 1905.  They’re re-writing history to tell you that, hey, back in the day we forced vaccines and you all had to deal with it. 

Well it’s just simply not true.  I mean, I asked G. Edward Griffin once in an interview  -  this was just recently.  I said,  “How much do you think is truthful that comes out of the government?”  And he said:  three per cent.  He said 97% of everything they tell us is a BIG FAT LIE. You know what.  In order to fix things, we’re going to have to defund the mainstream media because they are the protectors of the swamp.

I know everyone says:  Drain the swamp.  No.  You know what, it’s not ever going to happen.  It’s too swampy in the swamp!  We’re going to have to defund the media – mainstream media - not the truth tellers.  And we’re going to have to start really researching and reading our own history.  Because, ladies and gentlemen, it has been changed.  And it’s been changed since about 1908.  Absolutely just gone.  And our kids are not learning any of this.  They’ll learn what anyone can google up and discuss this on google that’s been changed.

But let me just tell you, if we knew our history.  If we knew the lies.  If we knew what exactly we were dealing with in this country over about the last 120 years - just even that alone.  Ok?    We’d be a different country right now.  We would be absolutely fighting against this tyranny.  We cannot become complacent in this. 

And as far as the Afghanistan thing goes, you know what.  We always have to have a boogeyman.  Trump just shredded the North Korea boogeyman.  And then, of course, shredded the ISIS boogeyman.  They don’t have anything, you guys.  They couldn’t even drum up Russia as the boogeyman.  So, is it the Taliban now?  Are they trying to grow that Taliban by leaving equipment for them?  And leaving all of our stuff there.  And leaving in chaos.

This whole chaos was absolutely planned.  It was absolutely planned.  And if we just look back in history we’re going to notice that the playbook never changes.  And ever since that UN came in, we’ve had nothing but chaos in this country.  Ever since the CIA came in, nothing but chaos in this country.  Who do you think’s doing it?   Isn’t it obvious by now?

It always strikes me that people still have even a shred of belief in the swampy swamp of DC.  Or, at this stage in the game, I’m kind of questioning medical people too.  Just because everyone’s – Everyone’s got the string of the dollar.  Everyone’s got a little string that’s tugging them in that direction to get that cash.  And that’s our biggest problem.  We got a money machine printing out money and we got a lot of people benefitting from it.


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